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MErode is an old textile mill in the beating heart of Ronse. A space in which Patric Tuytens recognised the ideal home for his ever-expanding collection. It is through MErode that he aims to share his passion for contemporary art.


The word Mérode is from ‘Mérode Street’ in Ronse, where the building is situated. It is written as ‘MErode’ to highlight the word ‘ME’ (in English), a place where Patric gets to do things ‘his’ way.

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‘An open space’, because it is still undefined. It is neither a foundation, nor a museum, nor a gallery, nor a party venue. It is an office and warehouse complex with multiple functions. A home to contemporary art.


MErode should be understood as Patric's work in progress. It holds a vast potential and could take off in any direction. See it in its totality, as an artwork shaped by Patric as an artist would. The important factor being contact with artists.


Comprised of established names and young artists, the collection has a personal, distinctive and, above all, Belgian hue. Its impulsivity can be taken with a love-it-or-hate-it attitude. 


Welcome to MErode!

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